Lame Horse Hollow Horse Hair Jewelry

He Gives You His Heart Now Capture His Spirit



  1. How do I collect hair from my horse?

    The best way to collect hair is to brush out your horses tail then cut a piece about the size of a dime from the underside of his tail. Where the hair is longest. Secure the end with a rubberband and neatly put it in a ziplock baggie

    .If unable to do this you can just send me what you have and I can usually get enough to make a piece.

  2. What if I have more then one horse?

    Just collect hair from all of them and I will combine it into one piece!

  3. Can I use mane hair?

    No the hair is too fine.

  4. How do I know what size I need?

    For bracelets measure your wrist then add 3/4 to 1 inch.

    For necklaces measure how long you want your necklace as long as I have enough hair that long I can make it.

  5. Do I have to wash the hair?

    No. I'll do that.

  6. How much hair do you need?

    About the size of a dime and as long as you can get. Some braids take longer hair then others .If you only have shorter hair you can send it and then I can tell you what I can do with it.

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