Lame Horse Hollow Horse Hair Jewelry

He Gives You His Heart Now Capture His Spirit

  If you don't have a horse I have stock hair available



Please look through our "photos of jewelry" page to see more designs!!!!!

The Shasta Braid

The Apache Braid

The Minnie Braid

The Slim Shady Braid

The Reckless Braid

The China Braid

The Red Braid

Design Examples


             The Indy Design

            The Red Bracelet

        The Apache Bracelet

     The Minnie Braid Bracelet.

      The Charm Bracelet Design

    The Bible Bookmark Design

          The Lakota Design



             The Cross Design

          The White Star Design

              The Secret Design

             The Bones Design

            The Picture Frame

         The Buckshot Design

           The Pilgrim Design

   The Horseshoe Picture Frame

              The Suzi Design

            The Cholla Design

           The Cowboy Design

           The Angel Design

          The Hat Band Design






He gives you his heart - now capture his spirit.  One of a kind jewelry created from the essence of your equine...



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